Sunday, September 10, 2017

Handbag Discovery - Simply Noelle

Lately I have taken a liking to neighborhood boutique shops.  It started recently with a "wine walk" where you taste different vineyards while shopping in different little shops. There I discovered Simply Noelle

This is what I like about the brand and this bag:

The quality of the material.  It is faux leather but you wouldn't know it looking at it.  It isn't flimsy at all.  

The inside material is also nice.  So many inexpensive bags the lining is loose so as soon as you pull something out, the lining comes with.  That is not the case with this bag.  

Another thing that I like is the interior phone pocket is landscape so it fits my larger iPhone 7 Plus.  But there is also still a zipper compartment.

Lots of storage. As you can see in the picture there are two zipper pockets in the front and another in the back.  This made transitioning from my larger bag to a smaller bag easy.  

Color and accents.  I actually punched another hole in the strap so that I could wear it more as a shoulder bag.  It has nice pulls that are secure and the added touch of the tassel I think just gives it added richness. The color was also a selling point.  Again, some colors just accentuate the gaudiness of the bag.  This one looks natural.

Guess how much this bag cost.  Lastly, my favorite thing is the price point.  This bag was only $49!  Almost what you would pay for a bag at Fred Meyer or Target. 

I ended up going back and getting a smaller crossbody bag for sporting events and such.  I'll put that picture on my FB page.

Lastly, and sadly, it is hard to find this bag in stores.  You can visit their website to find one near you OR I have found quite a few on eBay.

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