Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Another Simply Noelle Crossbody Bag

handbag, simply noelle, black, faux leather
I'm not going to say too much about this brand, Simply Noelle, as I spoke enough about that in my other Simply Noelle post but I wanted to show you another example of the beauty of this brand.

This crossbody is like a purse and a wallet in one.  The bag itself has two sides held together by the snaps shown in the top photo.  There is your wallet where you can keep your credit cards and money OR even your cell phone.  

In the back there is another pocket and inside the zippered compartments on either side of the wallet is plenty more storage.  You truly could use this bag for everyday and not feel like you are sacrificing space.

There are a variety of colors but this was the one I was drawn to.  I think it was around $45.  Again it is faux leather but magnificently made.

I have not used this bag in the time I have owned it so if you might like to own it for yourself, check it out here.  

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