Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Insulated Stainless Tumbler

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I know, I know...I have a water bottle problem.

My favorite water bottle recently dropped to the ground and landed flat on the bottom jamming it so that it was slanted and no longer usable.  They no longer make the Hydracentials in white, that I could see on Amazon so decide to take another avenue with a tumbler style.  The Big Chill cup was one of the daily lightening deals on Amazon and it came with a stainless straw so I decided to give it a try.

The cup is insulated stainless steel, the lid is plastic with a slide that you can just drink from or there is a small little half moon so it fits a straw.  The straw is mandatory for me.  It was $16.95 I believe.  My thoughts:


I can put ice straight from the dispenser into the cup.  With the narrow opening of the Hydracentials I had to put the ice in a cup and pour it into it so that ice didn't end up all over the floor

It keeps my ice water REALLY cold for the entire day (I haven't tested it in a hot car, yet!)

It fits in my car cup holder perfectly

The price and that it is 30 oz

Stainless straw - No BPA so you can use it for hot or cold


The big ugly logo on the side of the cup!  I have to think that was a man's idea! I decided to put a chalkboard sticker on it until I can find something better.

The diameter of the cup is substantial and wouldn't want anything bigger for my hands/grip

The straw - I like ice cold water but when you drink it with this straw, it also gets ice cold and frosty to the point I worry about getting my lips stuck to it.  How embarrassing would that be?!


All in all, I like it and would repurchase IF I didn't see the hot pink or purple tumbler that is about the same size without the logo.  That one is next.  I also ordered some stainless straws that have silicone on the top so no more freezing lips.


I actually decided to return the tumbler.  I couldn't get past the large logo and would have had to spend more to cover it up.  Decided to give the pink one a try.  Review coming...

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