Sunday, June 11, 2017

Getting Ready for Summer - New Finds

Brazilian Crush, eBooth scrub, Vanilla deodorant, eos shave cream
My summer got an early start with a trip to Nuevo Vallarta in May so I now in full swing.  Here are a few items that I have recently discovered that I know will be summer favorites:

Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist - This was a result of the Brazilian Bum Bum cream.  I loved the smell of it.  This paired with the lotion is amazing.  I love the warm caramel scent.

eBooth Foaming Dry Body Polish and Cleanser - I'm a big fan of eBooth lotion and am always looking for a good body scrub.  While at Ulta this weekend, they had buy 1 get 1 eBooth so I got this and the Honey Almond Butter.  Back to the product at hand.  It is like a really find sand.  You rub it on your skin when it is wet and it foams like crazy but holds the texture leaving everything soft and smooth.  LOVE IT! 

Secret Vava Vanilla Deodorant - Great scent and matches fragrances I like so it is a good match. I've gotten the solid and the gel.  

eos Vanilla Shave Cream - I don't know that it is moisturizing but I like that it is in a pump and how it performs as a shave cream.I will repurchase.

If you have any summer favorites you think I should try, please be sure to share them in the comments.

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