Monday, January 23, 2017

Apple Watch 2nd Generation Review

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I've had a couple of fitness trackers but they weren't really fitting my needs.  The most recent was a Jawbone Up2 which had a good app but didn't have a watch, which after a few months of wearing I missed enough that it went in the garage sale pile.

The Apple Watch has been on my radar for awhile but that is a spendy proposition and didn't want it to end up the same way as my Jawbone.  Well, to my surprise, my husband got me the 2nd Generation Apple Watch for Christmas.

Out of the box it came with the white band as shown.  It is the aluminum frame version so it was the least expensive of the bunch, which is fine with me.


Mickey Mouse Face - his foot taps to the seconds and of course hands move with the time. When you tap the face, Mickey tells you what time it is and sometimes adds a greeting depending on the time of day.  There is also Minnie Mouse and a lot of other choices.

Update:  I did change the face on my watch.  Although I LOVE Mickey (who doesn't), if you accidentally tapped your watch during a meeting, he would talk o you "It's 2 o'clock pal".  It of course always happened when the room was quiet.

With that, you can choose the layout.  I added the date to the top left corner, the battery life to the top right and the weather at the bottom. 

Text Messaging - It syncs with your iPhone so as far as the bluetooth range works, that is how far you can go from your phone and still get your text messages.  No more caring around the phone with me everywhere at home and work.

Calendar Alerts - Love this when I am moving around

Reminders - Cooking dinner and don't have your phone to set a timer?  Just talk into the watch and tell Siri to set a timer for you.  AWESOME feature that I use all the time.

Phone Calls - Just like text messaging, you can also receive and take calls.

Weather - You know the temperature which is great when you are worried about freezing temps like we have been having.

Activity Tracker - Like with the others, you can set it to tell you when to stand, when to get moving and get updates on how you are doing.  Use the Health app to get more detailed information.

Breathe Reminder - Yes, that sounds silly and although I was a little skeptical, I think it is a good reminder to just concentrate on your breathing and use that time as some mental relaxation.  I admit I often dismiss it but my goal is to use it more regularly.

GPS - I typically use my phone but this is a good alternative if you are using it for walking directions or don't have a place for your phone in the car.

Watch Bands - They are CRAZY expensive on Apple.  I have been buying mine from Amazon and I can't tell the difference.  This makes the watch even more of an accessory item because you can change the color or use metal bands or even leather.  I already have  quite a collection.

The stand/dock that you see was also from Amazon.  It is perfect for a charging station and makes it a nightstand face as well.  Was under $10.

All in all, I love this watch!  The only downside is that it isn't girly as the face is pretty large and it is a little thicker than I would like BUT the pros way outweigh that issue.  If you are on the fence or considering a fitness tracker, I would seriously give the Apple Watch a look if you have an iPhone.

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