Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hydracentials Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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My husband just rolls his eyes every time he sees another water bottle enter the house. I can't say that I blame him BUT I use one every day and need something that meets my needs. 

I don't really drink hot drinks so I just need something that keeps my water cold.  Insulated plastic is okay during the winter because it isn't exposed to heat, which causes those bad chemicals to leach into the water your are drinking.

The ideal water bottle in the hot months is stainless steel. The Hydracentials water bottle is just what I was looking for and the best part is that it has a straw!  I have had others that worked well but I really don't like to drink out of a cup you have to tip while driving.  This is PERFECT! Because it has a plastic straw, you can't drink hot drinks out of it but that is fine with me.  

I will fill it with 1/4 ice and the rest water and no matter the temp outside, there is still ice cold water waiting for me after I get off work after sitting in my car all day.   Put more ice in it and it will last even longer.  I have even left it in my car over night and it still have ice in it the next morning.  Did I also mention that they don't sweat?!  I also like that it holds 25 oz.  That is more than a lot of the stainless bottles.

I got mine from Amazon but I think you can also buy them directly from the maker.  Be forewarned, this isn't a cheap date.  I think I paid almost $30 but it will get everyday use.  Also, compared to a similar bottle I purchased from Amazon, this one is much better.  

UPDATE Sept 2017:  Being somewhat of a klutz, I have since dropped my water bottle. It hit on the bottom slightly to one side causing it to cave.  With that I noticed that the ring around the bottom that you can see in the photo, makes it a little more fragile as it is now crooked and won't sit flat.  I'm not sure if all are like this but it has happened to both of mine.  Also, the tab on the mouth part broke off.  I did complete a "comment card" from Hydracentials with that feedback, with no response.  I will not be repurchasing.  There are other options available that I hope will be more durable.

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