Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sally Hansen Brush On Cream Hair Remover

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I don't know if it is age or because I am now using a magnifying mirror but it seems like I have a lot more "peach fuzz" on my face then ever before!  It interferes with a smooth canvas for make-up and when I wear my hair up in a ponytail, you can see it when the sun hits my face just right. Definitely not the look I am going for.

I have tried those mini face/eyebrow razors but I don't feel like the do a very good job and it seemed like I was always scratching myself with the ends of the blades where it meets the plastic.  Plus, I am not sure I believe that it doesn't make your hair grow back thicker/darker.  I would rather get rid of it more towards the root.

Previously I was using the Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover and was really pleased with the results.  The smell wasn't too strong and only took 5 minutes.  This product I think worked a little better.  I like the brush applicator and feel like it removed more hair than the other "version" in the same amount of time.

As I have gotten older, I think my skin has become more sensitive but this doesn't cause any outbreaks or redness.

If you are looking for something to remove hair on your face, I would recommend you give this product a try.  It doesn't work very well for course hair so would not recommend it in areas where that is an issue.

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